Latest News on Military Additive Manufacturing Efforts:


Strategy Documents:

DOD Needs to Systematically Track Department-wide 3D Printing Efforts

U.S. National Strategy for Additive Manufacturing

3D opportunity in the Department of Defense

Air Force Logistics and Sustainment Enterprise 2040

DLA Strategic Plan 2015-2022

Navy Supply Command Strategic Plan 2017-2021 & Commander’s Guidance

DoD Logistics Strategic Plan

2016–2020 Strategic Plan and Implementing Framework



Revealed: The new structure for the Pentagon’s tech and Acquisition offices

Marine Corps Installation and Logistics Roadmap 2017

3D Printing Providing Army On-Demand Battlefield Printing of Vehicles Surveillance Tools, Weapons and Ammo

Additive Manufacturing Moves from the Lab to the Front Lines

India test launches Prahaar short range missile

Meld Additive Manufacturing Selected for U.S. Army for Vehicle Repair

Additive’s Role in Defense

U.S. Navy moves to 3D printing additive manufacturing at shipbuilding division

Modernizing the Military with Advanced Manufacturing Technology

US Military uses ‘worlds largest’ 3D Printer to build concrete barracks

Army Efforts in Metal Additive Manufacturing and Data Management

Better Spare Parts and Supply Chain Management via 3D Printing

Aerospace and defense 3-D printing market to surpass $4B by 2023

YSU-led Advanced Manufacturing Initiative Aids Air Force

Seed Funding Success: Marine Corps Expeditionary Manufacturing (EXMAN)

NAVSEA Approves First Metal 3D Printed Shipboard Componenet for U.S. Navy