Latest News on Military Additive Manufacturing Efforts

Strategy Documents:

DoD AM Strategy – JAN 2021 

3D opportunity in the Department of Defense

Air Force Logistics and Sustainment Enterprise 2040

DLA Strategic Plan 2015-2022

Navy Supply Command Strategic Plan 2017-2021 & Commander’s Guidance



3D steel printing at forefront of modernization, readiness | Article | The United States Army

Penn State to develop new method of 3D printing ultra-tough steel for U.S. Army – 3D Printing Industry

GE receives Air Force airworthiness qualification for first metal 3D-printed, critical jet engine part

Meld awarded $1.5M from US Navy for metal AM and legacy repairs

Military Looks for Novel Ways to Employ 3D Printing

Metal 3D Printing Solves Supply Chain Issues for U.S. Military

Future Rocket Engines May Include Large-Scale 3D Printing | NASA

Novel Nozzle: NASA, AU partnership boldly goes where few AM projects have gone before

3D Printing is the Future of Aerospace & Defense Manufacturing | Jabil

Congressman Ryan Secures over $100 million in Federal Funding in Defense Appropriations Bill | Congressman Tim Ryan

Revenues from 3D Printing for Space and Defense Aerospace to Reach $600 Million by 2022

3D Printing Market Size, Share and Trends forecast to 2026 | MarketsandMarkets™

U.S. Marine Corps looks to 3D printing and additive manufacturing technologies to produce spare parts | Military Aerospace

GVSC awards contract to build largest metal 3D printer ever | Article | The United States Army

Military starts to run with 3D printing and additive manufacturing | Military Aerospace


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BotFactory Awarded $750k U.S Air Force Grant to Develop Electronics 3D Printer